A Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Manitoba


A magic mushrooms dispensary canada is one of many new storefronts popping up in Canada as a way to buy the hallucinogenic drug without breaking the law. The stores are selling everything from spores and dried mushrooms to edible psychedelics. But even though Health Canada has approved therapeutic mushrooms containing psilocybin for depression and PTSD, it’s still largely illegal to purchase fungus that contains the compound.

Harmony in Healing: Understanding Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

Inside the tiny shop in Osborne Village, Darren Lyman explains different types of mushrooms and their effects. He helps customers decide what kind of mushroom they need, based on the desired experience. “They could be more energy and focus or just relaxation,” he says. He also offers advice on how to grow mushrooms at home, and he sells kits for those interested in the hobby.

His business, Shroomyz, is one of several psilocybin shops opening across the country. And while police raided a few of the stores last year, some have stayed open. A lawyer who specializes in drug policy says that’s partly because law enforcement has other priorities. “Is going after this really an effective use of police resources?” he asks.

Josh Crabb is a reporter with CBC Manitoba in Winnipeg. He’s covered a wide range of stories in his career, including fentanyl, addiction and the opioid crisis. He’s been reporting in Manitoba since 2005. Follow him on Twitter.

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