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Drake featured the interior of Joso’s Interior on the cover of his Take Care album. Although the restaurant is no longer owned by the rapper, it is still family-run. Spralja’s son runs the restaurant, which is best known for its fried calamari. The restaurant is said to be one of the first in the city to serve this popular seafood dish.

Aburi Hana

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, a visit to the Japanese restaurant Aburi Hana will be a rewarding experience. You can enjoy an elaborate multi-course tasting menu. The food is authentic and the staff is friendly. The menu changes periodically, so it is always fun to try a new dish.

ABURI HANA is a new fine dining concept in Yorkville, Ontario. This restaurant, a part of the ABURI Restaurants Canada group in Vancouver, offers a modern interpretation of the traditional Kyoto-style “Kaiseki” menu. The chef uses local, seasonal ingredients and modern cooking techniques to create a menu that changes with the seasons.


The Kanga restaurant serves Indian and Sri Lankan food. It is a family-run restaurant, which serves good quality and quantity food at reasonable prices. However, it is important to note that this restaurant does not always have everything you’d like to order on hand. However, if you have the patience to wait a bit longer, you can definitely enjoy a delicious meal.

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or lunch, head down to the Kanga cafe. It’s open seven days a week and features Aussie coffees made with locally roasted beans. On weekends, the cafe is open until 3am.

Le Swan

Art Deco Diner – If you’re looking for a quick bite, or a relaxing drink, this is the place for you. Here, you’ll find bistro classics and comfort foods paired with wines and cocktails. In addition to a great selection of food, this restaurant also features a full bar.

Le Swan – The Swan’s name comes from a famous Toronto diner, and this restaurant combines diner classics with French bistro cooking. The decor is monochrome with low-lit sculptural light fixtures, and the menu is divided into French and diner dishes. Menu items include classics like rotisserie chicken, fish sticks, and fondue. There’s also an extensive wine list and milkshakes.


The Parallel restaurant is one of the newest additions to Toronto. Parallel’s owners are three Israeli-Canadian brothers. They started their business in 1996 with the Ozery bakery. Now, they are expanding their concept to include three restaurants. In addition to the original Parallel Cafe, Parallel will be adding a new location on Augusta Avenue in the near future. The new location will have a full kitchen, bar and seating area. It will also include a stone mill, which will be used for the production of halva.

The menu at Parallel is diverse and features a large herb garden and heritage stone mill. The restaurant’s hummus is made with sesame seeds from Ethiopia. Guests can choose from three different kinds of hummus. Other dishes include a kale, black lentil, sweet potato, and beet tahini salad.


In Toronto’s Chinatown, the Batifole restaurants serve up French-inspired dishes in a classy setting. Chef Pascal Geffroy creates dishes based on local ingredients and seasonal ingredients to offer a variety of options for diners. The menu has both casual and formal sections and features classic bistro dishes alongside upscale French offerings. The restaurant also serves complimentary bread, including a nutty loaf topped with seeds.

Batifole’s menu features a selection of seafood, meats, and French cheeses. A charcuterie board is also available with French cheeses, Prosciutto, and smoked salmon.

Fresh Restaurants

Fresh restaurants in Toronto offer a diverse array of “plant-powered” dishes. The original location, located at the intersection of Bloor and Spadina, serves 100% plant-based meals and juices. Menu items range from classic burgers to wraps and pizzas. Customers can also order delivery through the Fresh app. They also serve a selection of local, BIPOC and woman-run goods.

Fresh restaurants in Toronto have received a conditional pass from DineSafe inspectors on May 6. The restaurant’s fake buffalo chicken wraps and onion rings are well-known among Toronto residents. However, the inspectors found 11 infractions at Fresh on Crawford, including contaminated single-use containers.


When it comes to eating out, Toronto is a city unlike any other. Its cosmopolitan character and diverse population make it difficult to categorize restaurants. Instead, you will find many that combine Canadian traditions with those of other cultures. From Mexican to Korean, you’ll find an international cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

Located on the top floor of the Bisha Hotel, Ko st has a striking view of the city and a menu that features Mexican and Asian-inspired dishes plated elegantly. It’s also known for its extensive selection of smoked and cured fish.