Belvedere Vodka – Made With Nature

The dbs professionals features sweeping images of Belvedere’s core ingredients, which convey the idea that nature in its simple form can produce a vodka with unsurpassed taste and character. The creative work, which includes a :30 hero video and three :15 second spots, debuts globally on brand channels today.

“The Fascinating World of Agarwood: A Closer Look

Belvedere has used its Made With Nature tagline to introduce a number of responsible business practices that are meant to resonate with the brand’s experience-driven, socially minded audience. These include selling only organic and natural products by 2021; operating at a zero-waste level by 2025; and working with vendors and farmers to source sustainably minded plastics and eliminate pesticides by 2030.

Belvedere Vodka is a smooth and subtly spicy spirit that works well with a wide variety of foods. It pairs especially well with cheese and bread based dishes. It is best served chilled. Belvedere recommends taking small, deliberate sips to appreciate its smoothness and complexity.

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