A Cigarette Smoke Detector For Landlords Can Help to Enforce Your Airbnb House Rules on Smoking

Cigarette smoke detector for landlords smoke poses a significant health and safety risk for short-term rental guests, and even the most well-vetted of guests can end up causing property damage. Whether it’s yellowing of the couch or an overwhelming smell, even one incident can require costly deep cleans and unprofitable downtime. With the right tool, you can monitor your properties for guest smoking and prevent any potential damage.

A cigarette smoke detector for landlords can help to deter guests from breaking house rules by detecting the fine particles of cigarette smoke and notifying designated personnel or authorities as soon as they occur. Unlike traditional smoke alarms, these special sensors can also detect other types of particulate matter, including that produced by cooking or burning candles and can be used in places where smoking is prohibited, such as offices and hotels.

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One of the most common ways to enforce your Airbnb house rules on smoking is by making it very clear in your listing that you do not allow smoking inside your short term rental. You can also add signs to your property, make sure you have a clearly labeled outdoor smoking area for your guests and make sure that you keep photos of any signs of cigarette smoke on your property such as ashtray residue or burn marks on furniture.

Another way to enforce your smoking policy is by using a product like WYND Sentry, which is specifically designed for owners of Airbnb and VRBO short-term rentals. This dual-sensor device can detect cigarette, marijuana and vape smoke, as well as elevated noise decibel levels and includes tamper protection. It alerts you in real-time when smoking is detected and can create incident reports, allowing you to easily prove that someone was smoking in your Airbnb property.

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