Biodiversity Net Gain Company

Biodiversity Net Gain Company isn’t just beautiful, it also provides valuable ‘ecosystem services’ that we rely on. These include clean water, climate regulation, nutrient cycling and flood protection. These services benefit us all and help to create a more sustainable future, so it’s crucial that we make sure we leave the natural environment in a better state after development. This is the aim of Biodiversity Net Gain – an approach which requires developers to achieve a 10% net increase in biodiversity during their project.

Balancing Progress and Preservation: Exploring Biodiversity Net Gain

As part of the government’s 25 year environment plan, a new approach to the way we develop our land and buildings has been introduced – Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). BNG is a requirement that developers must demonstrate they will leave their sites in a more wildlife rich state than before work started. This can be achieved by retaining existing habitat on-site or through offsite biodiversity ‘units’ purchased from the new offsite BU credit market.

The process of achieving BNG is complex and time-consuming. It’s therefore important that any developer who is considering a site for development thinks about the BNG requirements as early as possible. Doing so could save them time, money and potential delays to their planning application process.

At Arbtech, we’re experienced in helping developers understand the BNG requirements and achieve a positive outcome. We provide a wide range of services, from project-level BNG assessment and BNG plans through to strategic advice for developers and habitat design, creation and management services for compensation providers.

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