Inpatient Rehabilitation UK

We are one of only a few rehabilitation centres in the UK that offer inpatient rehabilitation for people with brain injuries. This is for patients who are not suitable for a home environment due to the level of their injury or the need for ongoing care and support. On admission all patients will be assessed by the multidisciplinary team and together with their family set meaningful rehabilitation goals for themselves. A care plan will be drawn up and arrangements made for ongoing rehabilitation in the community as needed e.g. to attend a specialist brain injury outpatient clinic, spasticity or MS clinic and also to work closely with local acute hospital services. Go here

Behind Closed Doors: Unveiling the World of Inpatient Rehabilitation in the UK

The rehabilitation unit has 24 specialist neuro-rehabilitation beds and 8 stroke rehabilitation beds. We are located at Abingdon Community Hospital in Oxfordshire and have a high reputation for the quality of our rehabilitation. We have been recognised in a national series of ‘I Want Great Care’ reviews and are accredited by the NHS National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS).

Currently about a third of SCI patients accessing specialist inpatient rehabilitation are managed in specialist level 1 or 2 neuro-rehabilitation units outside of the eight designated spinal cord injury centres in England. These have been shown to be highly cost-effective, with mean care-cost savings of around PS25 500/year per patient.

Most patients will be referred to us by their GP, and will usually be funded by the NHS but this is not always possible and private funding can be arranged through the NHS, medical insurance or compensation claims. The costs of the rehabilitation service are covered by a combination of the NHS, the local authority and sometimes by private insurance providers.

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