How to Stop Bot Traffic and Protect Your Website From Malicious Bots

Stop Bot Traffic

Blocking stop bot traffic is a little like putting an invisible shield around your website to protect it from invaders. It’s an important step for anyone that owns a website or mobile app and wants to minimize the risks and costs of malicious bot activity.

Malicious bots are used for a variety of purposes including data scraping, testing usernames and passwords, creating fake accounts, stealing credit card information and conducting DDoS attacks. They can also slow website load times and negatively affect SEO.

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While there are some good bots, such as search engine bots that crawl websites for content, many are malicious. They can cause significant harm by slowing website performance, generating spam and DDoS attacks and violating privacy laws.

It can be difficult to identify bots. But there are a few ways to recognize them, such as noticing a spike in traffic from an unfamiliar region or a sudden increase in login failures and password reset requests. Bots that test username and password combinations will often generate high volumes of login attempts in a short period of time.

Google Analytics allows users to exclude hits from known bots and spiders, which can help limit some of the damage caused by bad bots. But this does not stop most malicious bots, and it cannot mitigate their harmful activities beyond disrupting traffic analytics. In addition, these measures do not detect bots that use honeypots to mimic human behavior or bots that rotate IP addresses rapidly to bypass web application firewalls (WAF). To fully address the problem of bad bot traffic it is essential to invest in a specialized bot management solution.

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