Relationship Tips From Real Couples

Even the healthiest relationships need a little extra love and care from time to time. We’ve gathered tried-and-true relationship tips from real couples to help you stay on track.Resource:

Clearly communicate. It’s the most important tool in any couple’s arsenal. It’s crucial to talk openly and honestly, listen to one another, share positive and negative feelings, and work together to resolve conflicts. Having good communication skills can also make you more resilient during difficult times in your relationship.

Avoid emotional manipulation. This is when one person controls the other with manipulative tactics that may include using guilt, pity or jealousy to manipulate you into doing or saying something they want you to do. It’s important to recognize when you are being manipulated and to speak up about it, especially if your partner doesn’t seem to understand you.

Communication Is Key: 10 Relationship Tips for Better Connection

Keep in mind that your partner is not a mind-reader. They may have a general idea of what you need or how you feel, but it is healthier to express your needs directly rather than relying on your partner to read between the lines and guess what’s going on inside your head. Plus, people change over time, and what you need five years ago might not be the same thing you need now.

Develop romantic rituals with each other, such as a goodbye kiss before work or breakfast in bed with the crossword on weekends. These small acts can create connection and strength in a relationship over time.

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