How to Get a Free Replacement Boiler in Stoke on Trent

replacement boiler Stoke on Trent

Having a replacement boiler Stoke on Trent that keeps your home warm and comfortable is important but even the most durable heating systems will eventually lose efficiency. The good news is that replacing a boiler can significantly improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Many homeowners cringe at the idea of a boiler change, fearing hefty expenditures and unforeseen complications. However, once repetitive boiler repairs become commonplace, it’s often time to consider a replacement. A comprehensive understanding of the replacement process can help ensure that the transition to a new heating system is as smooth as possible.

Boiler grants are a great way to get an energy efficient boiler installed in your home. Successful applicants will receive a free A-rated boiler or heating system along with new heating controls (where necessary) installed by one of the major energy suppliers. The scheme is based on the property’s energy assessment, so the surveyor will be able to advise you of how much funding you could receive.

Winter-Ready Homes: Your Guide to Replacement Boilers in Stoke-on-Trent

Aside from boiler grants, there are also air source heat pump grant opportunities for eligible homeowners, private tenants and landlords. These grant programs are part of the government’s ECO scheme and are designed to help reduce home energy costs by improving insulation. This includes insulating your loft, underfloor and cavity wall installation. This means you can save up to PS300 per year on your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. The good news is that you do not have to pay anything back or enter into any complicated terms and conditions to be eligible for the funding.

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