Rainbow Crossing Design and Road Safety

rainbow crossing design

After the success of the rainbow crossing in Angers, many other cities have been eager to try their hand at a similar design. But while rainbows might be a welcome addition to sidewalk art, there’s also a chance they could have a negative impact on road safety, says a traffic engineering expert. Read more https://decorativecrossing.co.uk/

A rainbow crossing features a series of coloured stripes that follow the shape of a zebra crossing. It’s a way of celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride and showing the community that they are welcomed in their city. But as the trend has grown, some people have been calling for a return to safer traditional black-and-white zebra stripes.

The Spectrum of Inclusivity: The Art and Message Behind Rainbow Crossings

One such example of a rainbow crosswalk is in Wimbledon, UK, which was installed in 2019 for the LGBT+ community to celebrate Pride’s fiftieth anniversary. It was a popular landmark until some pesky roadworks moved it to the sidelines. But now it has returned, this time with an updated rainbow flag design that includes representation for Black and Trans pride as well.

But despite the positive response from residents and local businesses, a traffic engineer with the Institute of Transportation Engineers has expressed concerns about the rainbow crossings’ potential impact on road safety. Specifically, the coloured markings may confuse drivers and deter them from paying attention to signs and signals. He also points out that there is no evidence to suggest rainbow stripes have any safety benefit — they can even confuse drivers and lead to misjudgments.

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