Original Gas Pump Globe For Sale

Often emblazoned with the service station’s brand and logo, the original gas pump globe for sale  are one of the crown jewels among collectors of petroliana. This is because the globes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also tell an interesting story about a particular era of American highway culture.

The history of the gas globe started in the 1920’s when brightly painted colors began to become popular in service stations. The design slowly shifted from a playful aesthetic into a more practical format as the 1930’s approached. In the 1940’s, Art Deco designs became more prevalent and the use of plastic was introduced.

Vintage Vibes: Exploring the World of Original Gas Pump Globes for Sale

Unlike the more modern gas pump signs, most gas globes were made of glass and featured simple designs. Some of these designs were also used on the pumps themselves, as these signs helped customers find their way to a specific gas station in the dark during long, sleepy drives.

Some of these globes were even shaped into more whimsical forms like clamshells and crowns, which further drew the attention of collectors. The age of a vintage gas pump globe is also a big factor in its value. Generally speaking, the older is better. Also, rare and one-of-a-kind globes tend to be more expensive than regular ones.

As with any petroliana collectible, the condition of a vintage gas globe plays an important role in its value. The fact that they’re outdoors means they’re subject to harsh elements and weather, which can damage or scuff the paint. This is why it’s best to learn from more experienced collectors or consult with an expert before trying to fix a vintage gas globe yourself.

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