Butt Lifting Leggings

The right pair of leggings can boost your confidence while working out, running errands or lounging at home. But, it’s not just leggings that can do the trick but lifting leggings can give your butt a lift and help sculpt curves, too. Whether you want to add a bit of volume or just create the illusion of a fuller derriere, these shaping leggings are ideal for women of all shapes and sizes.

This popular pair of leggings was first introduced by TikTok user Lauren Wolfe, who posted a review featuring the pair to her YouTube channel in June 2018. More than 2.3 million views later, shoppers are still raving about this buttery soft pair that offers tummy control and a butt-lifting scrunch at the back.

Enhance Your Curves: The Magic of Butt-Lifting Leggings for a Shapelier You

These leggings are available in a wide range of colors, and they’re also designed to slim the waist and shape the hips and thighs. Many reviewers describe the pants as a second skin that’s super comfortable, and many have said they love how their butt looks after wearing them.

Aimilia’s version of these viral leggings debuted on Amazon’s best-selling list in August, but they’re currently selling out fast. The leggings feature a high-waisted honeycomb design and butt scrunch that’s similar to the viral Seasum pair, and they’re also made from a smoothing blend of polyamide and spandex. Shoppers say these leggings offer a “no-pinch” fit that’s flattering, and they’re suitable for all types of workouts.

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