Embroidery Digitizing Services

Top-notch Embroidery Digitizing Services in San Diego are a crucial element in making sure that your customers are getting high-quality embroidery on all of their products. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it requires a great deal of work and time to create a quality-oriented product.

How many types of digitizing are there?

Once the digitizer has a file with the proper instructions for sewing, they need to select what type of stitching will be used for each part of the logo. There are three basic types: run stitches, satin silk stitches and fill stitches. For example, a run stitch is used for the thinnest parts of a logo or border, satin stitches are more common and are used for most text and thick borders, and fill stitches are tightly compacted stitches that are often used to cover large regions in designs.

The digitizer also needs to consider how the lines will lie on the fabric. For instance, a logo that was originally digitized for polar fleece will look different when embroidered on a denim shirt because the lines will sink into the texture rather than lay on top of it.

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