When is the Newborn Stage Over?

When is the newborn stage over? The newborn stage can be both beautiful and challenging all at the same time. The joy of a new baby coupled with sleepless nights and a lot of extra work can cause parents to become overwhelmed quickly. Adding in the stress of a new job or household duties can make things even more difficult.

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As a result, many new moms wonder when the newborn stage is over. The answer to this question is not necessarily a specific moment or age as it can vary depending on each family’s unique situation and the individual growth of your baby. Typically, most babies are considered newborns until they reach about two months old. From there, they enter the infant phase and usually stop being referred to as newborns altogether.

During the newborn stage, most babies eat every two to three hours and spend around 18 hours each day sleeping. As they move from newborn to infant, their sleep schedules begin to change and they will be able to wake for longer periods of time. In addition, they will start to smile and laugh. These communication milestones are a welcome relief to parents during this frenzied time and help to let you know that your baby is starting to grow up!

Remember, it’s totally normal to not like the newborn stage. Just like many women say they hate the terrible twos or their teenage years, it’s okay to dislike this time as well. Thankfully, it doesn’t diminish your love for your baby and there is always an end in sight. So, enjoy the sweet snuggles and milky breath while you can!

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