Diesel Tuning Modules

diesel tuning modules

A diesel tuning modules can help you get the most out of your Ford Powerstroke’s performance. It works by re-programming your truck’s computer so it can unlock the maximum horsepower potential that it was designed for. By re-tuning your engine, you can experience more power from low down in the rev range and when using taller gears, making it perfect for towing or heavy work.

When you purchase a Steinbauer Diesel Performance Module, you are getting a warranty-friendly way to increase your diesel’s low-end power and fuel economy. This means that you can get more out of your truck without putting too much pressure on your engine, which could lead to overheating and shortened component life. This is possible thanks to a built-in safety feature that slows the performance enhancement on sustained pulls to avoid overheating.

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While there are many tuners on the market that promise more horsepower, you need to be careful when selecting one as they can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. It is important to select a tuner that will not delete or override emissions systems, as this can reduce the lifetime of your engine and components. The Steinbauer diesel tuning modules do not remove any codes from your truck’s ECM, which is a good thing for longevity of your engine and its components.

Located in Newburgh, Indiana, Ag Diesel Solutions makes some of the most reliable and affordable diesel performance products available. Their Diesel Performance Modules are plug and play, easy to install and do not change or delete your stock manufacturer’s settings. This allows them to be used by growers, farmers and other worksite users while keeping their warranties intact.

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