Athletic Fit Mens Dress Shirts

athletic fit mens dress shirts

When it comes to athletic fit mens dress shirts shaped men, the options are a bit limited. Most big brands churn out slim fit dress shirts that are designed for the masses, but on an athletic body type they tend to be either tight or baggy, with little in between.

A true athletic fit will hug the chest, shoulders and arms, but is not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. It will also be long enough to stay tucked in in a professional setting. Luckily there are a few companies making these tailor made dress shirts now, which is great news for the athletic guy who wants to look polished but still feel like an athlete.

Rhone is a newer brand that’s been getting some buzz thanks to some heavy promotion by Strongman competitors (see their Instagram for proof). They make a shirt called the ‘Halfway House’, which is a slim fit but is tailored specifically for the athletic physique. It has a dart in the chest to help give it some structure and a slightly curved hem, which helps to flatter the shape of the body.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Flexibility: Unleashing the Power of Athletic Fit Men’s Dress Shirts

Teddy Stafford makes a shirt called the ‘Athletic Performance Fit’ that is a bit more expensive than other options on this list but has some unique features. It has a hidden button under the collar that, when fastened, keeps the collar upright and prevents it from spreading out. It also has a gusset in the armpits to keep them from bunching.

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