What is a Pre Rolled Joint?

Pre rolled joint is a perfect way to enjoy cannabis without having to worry about the work involved in rolling your own. Whether you’re a medical marijuana cardholder or just looking to try out the latest strain, pre rolled joints can be the perfect option for you!

What is pre rolled vs rolled?

A pre roll weed joint is a ready-to-smoke product that comes packaged in an airtight plastic tube or wrap. They are made with ground cannabis flower, a filter, and usually rolling paper. They are also sometimes infused with wax or kief, for a more potent experience.

The contents of a pre rolled joint can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some contain bud, while others include shake (the parts of the plant that fall off larger buds). The contents of pre rolled joints can also contain melted wax, kief, or concentrates to enhance their overall potency and effects.

Although many people think that pre rolled joints are made with poor quality cannabis, this is not always the case. The key is to find pre rolled joints that are made from full cannabis buds instead of trim or shake. This ensures the best possible terpene profile for your desired effect.

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