The Unexplored World of Tech Trousers

tech trousers

Typically, our wardrobes are built around jeans and chinos, or sweatpants or joggers (increasingly less so nowadays). But there’s an unexplored world of technical pants that deserve your attention.

The best tech trousers are made from stretch fabric blends that breathe, wick and move with you like your favorite workout gear. These pants will take on everything you throw at them, and they’re comfortable too, so you can wear them all day.

They look and feel like your favorite pants, but they’re designed to last. Some of the best tech trousers are also made from the same fabrics as a good wool suit or winter coat, which means they’ll be just as durable and resist wrinkling better than cotton.

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Tech Trousers: Style, Comfort, and Performance

A great pair of tech trousers is also going to be lightweight, so they’ll work well in hot weather too. The best ones will be moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so you’ll be able to wear them over your regular wardrobe in the summer.

If you’re looking for a good pair of casual, lightweight chino-style pants that won’t make you sound like a swish swish when you move, Everlane’s Athletic Fit Performance Chino is an excellent choice. The pants come in a half-dozen colors and fits, and they’re made with enough elastane to give them a dressier edge.

They’re a little heavier than the lightweight jean-style pants, but they’re still pretty comfortable. They’re also made from a fabric that’s similar to what’s used in some of the best hiking and biking pants out there, so they should work for pretty much anything you put them through.

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