Hippie Crasher Strain

hippie crasher strain

A hippie crasher strain bred from the infamous Kush Mints and Wedding Cake strains, this indica dominant weed is a potent way to ease pain and achy joints. Featuring a pleasing fruity aroma and flavor, Hippie Crasher is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to relax and unwind.

The high from Hippie Crasher is reminiscent of psychedelics, and many compare it to an “epic high.” On the inhale, smokers will feel spacey and disoriented, with certain sights and sounds looking strange or off. They will also experience difficulty focusing, and may need to take time to complete tasks.

This bud offers a sweet and fruity berry cake flavour, with a hint of nutty mint and sharp mint on the exhale. The aroma is of sweet fruity cherries and hints of mint with spicy nuts, making it an incredibly popular choice for those who love their marijuana with a nutty twist.

Get Ready to Crash into a Blissful High with Hippie Crasher Strain: A Comprehensive Review

With a sweet fruity scent and a nutty taste, Hippy Crasher is an indica-dominant weed strain that provides a relaxing and calming effect. It is ideal for easing pain and achy joints, but can also provide relief from depression and anxiety.

The cannabis buds of Hippie Crasher are slender and tight, with fat dense heart-shaped nugs that are covered in frosty white crystal trichomes. Their appearance is not especially aesthetically appealing, but the strong, incense-like aroma of these buds is hard to miss.

The Hippie Crasher strain is an uplifting and creative hybrid, making it an excellent option for those with mental health issues or those who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression. The euphoria it produces is a good way to lift your mood and bring about positive changes.

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