What Is Blue Shirting?

blue shirt

blue shirt is a recruiting technique that allows FBS programs to use unrecruited players for the first year of their eligibility. It is used as a way to avoid oversigning.

Blueshirting is not an option for all programs. However, it has been used by many. It allows schools to sign unrecruited players without having to submit paperwork for the National Letter of Intent. This allows them to begin practicing and competing in the fall. It also allows them to delay their scholarship for a year.

In the 1940s, a Nebraska player chose to practice in a red jersey without numbers. This allowed him to catch up physically.

Blue shirting has been popularized by New Mexico State. In fact, it was one of the first programs to use it. Other programs have since followed suit. This recruiting strategy has become a common method for managing athletic scholarships.

When it comes to collegiate athletics, the shirts come in many different varieties. These include grayshirts, blue shirts, and red shirts. Each of these is a little bit different.

Blue shirting has been popularized by New Mexico State

Gray shirts are offered to players who do not qualify for a regular scholarship. These programs usually have more commits than open roster spots. They can be converted into regular offers as soon as the roster changes. This means that coaches often force a grayshirt on an athlete at the last minute.

Unlike regular scholarship offers, blue shirt offers are often higher. They may pay for lodging, travel, and food. They also are generally closer to the recruit’s home.

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