Eating Out in Toronto’s Pape Avenue

Toronto eating out

Pape Avenue is an extension of Greek Town. Up until a few years ago, eating out on Pape was difficult, as there were not a lot of decent restaurants in the area. Thankfully, that situation has changed now, and there are a variety of good choices in the neighbourhood. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Adrak eating out in Toronto is a unique dining experience, which utilizes rare ingredients from India. The menu includes tandoori chicken and minced lamb kebabs served with a red sauce. The menu also includes vegetarian options and a menu of halal meats. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Monday and takes reservations online through OpenTable.


For over 35 years, Scaramouche has been one of the most popular places to eat in Toronto. While not the flashiest restaurant, this place is known for its delicious food, wine list, and ethical practices. The restaurant has also received numerous awards and recognition, including being voted the No. 1 restaurant in Toronto by Gourmet magazine two years in a row.

Le Swan

Enjoy the Art Deco decor and taste classic bistro fare in the Art Deco Diner. The restaurant also offers wine and cocktails.


If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Toronto, Cava is the place to go. The restaurant’s menu features a mix of Latin and Iberian food. You can expect to find some seafood dishes here, as well as dishes inspired by Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

Seven Lives

If you’re in the mood for some good Baja-style tacos, then check out Seven Lives in Toronto’s Kensington Market. The tiny taco joint is so popular that the line is often out the door during lunch. Its decor is simple, with a few tables and stools. Riehl started the restaurant as a pop-up and has since expanded it into a permanent location.


The new Mexican restaurant Quetzal, which opened in Kensington Market last month, aims to change the way Torontonians think about Mexican food. Named after a bird native to Mexico, Quetzal is a unique dining experience. It is a modern take on Mexican food with an elevated approach. The menu focuses on the regional ingredients and comes from chefs with a wealth of experience and knowledge of Mexican cuisine.

Rose and Sons

Rose and Sons is one of Toronto’s most popular eating out options. The concept combines Jewish and Southern cuisines for a comforting American-style meal. The menu includes classics like fried chicken and bread pudding.

Ca Phe Rang

Ca Phe Rang is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Chinatown. This restaurant serves delicious Vietnamese food, and the prices are reasonable. There is a street market-style window near the kitchen where customers can purchase their food. One of the best options is the sausage roll. This roll comes in four pieces, and is best eaten dipped in peanut sauce. The inside of the roll is stuffed with iceberg lettuce, Thai basil, coriander, and mint. The wrapper is made of translucent rice paper.

Mimi Chinese

Mimi Chinese is a great place for those who love great food, wine, sake, and cocktails. The focus is on Chinese cuisine, but you’ll also find a great selection of wines and sake on the menu.

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